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About KMS


That’s what he said and that’s why he started Keystone over 30 years ago. He set out to provide connection hardware at great prices, with outstanding quality, and to treat customers with integrity. This continues to be the foundation we stand on and grow upon today.

We are first and foremost a family-owned business that desires our customers to become long-term partners. Receiving orders and selling goods are important, but forging relationships and keeping them is what we always strive to do. Our team will always work to provide great customer service and find what you need, when you need it. As a second generation business we know what it takes to succeed. A lot has changed since we opened in 1986, but many things have stayed the same. Though we’ve grown from our humble beginnings in a two-car garage to our newly built distribution center, we still remember our roots and give each and every customer our dedicated attention.

While we're focused primarily on providing hardware to the equine and pet industry in the past, we’ve grown by expanding our product lines and meeting the needs of countless other industries. We proudly serve a wide range of industries from scuba diving, commercial fishing, and marine to law enforcement, fire protection, tent, and everything in between. Despite all the new product offerings we’ve never sacrificed quality for quantity sold, and never will.


In the past we kept track of inventory on hand-written index cards. Now we’re fortunate to have an advanced inventory system to help us ensure we have sufficient stock of our 2500+ different items. Despite the change, the goal has always remained the same; to have what you need, when you need it to make you and your customer happy. Whether you’ve been a loyal customer for years or you’re just starting your relationship with us, we’re thankful for your business and support.